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Epossumondas Saves the Day

By Coleen Salley
Illustrated by Janet Stevens

Epossumondas Saves the Day

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It's Epossumondas's birthday and Mama is going to make his favorite dessert-strawberry short cake with sweet biscuits. But there's no sody sallyraytus! Every proud Southerner knows you can't make sweet biscuits without sody sallyraytus. So off to the plantation store they go. Sounds like a simple task, doesn't it? But you never know what lurks in the murky swamps of Bayou Lafourche! Join Epossumnondas on another hilarious adventure as he and his family prepare for his birthday party. Illustrator Janet Stevens expertly captures the setting of Laurel Valley, a working sugar plantation located on the banks of Bayou Lafourche and, of course, the lovable possum, his family and friends.

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