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By Coleen Salley
Illustrated by Janet Stevens
Available now in paperback with audio download of Coleen reading the book!

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Other books by Ms Salley
Why Epossumondas Has no Hair on His Tail Epossumondas Saves the Day Who's That Tripping Over My Bridge

This is a refreshing retold version of the classic Southern "noodlehead" tale, Epaminondas, written in Ms. Salley's inimitable storytelling style. This familiar story takes on new silliness as the improbable possum-child interacts with his human mama and auntie, both of whom resemble Ms. Salley. Epossumondas visits his auntie and each day she sends him home with something. He carries home a piece of cake scrunched in his hands; Alligator comments that it doesn't look much like cake. Mama tells Epossumondas that he doesn't have the sense he was born with and instructs him to carry the cake under his hat. When he gets some fresh butter and puts that under his hat, the trouble (and fun) begins. The possum's literal interpretations of Mama's advice will keep both children and adults entertained. The book was beautifully illustrated by Janet Stevens.

Awards, Honors and Prizes for "Epossumondas"

  • Irma Simonton Black/Bank Street Honor Book
  • Anne Izzard Storytellers' Choice Award
  • Virginia Young Readers Awards, 2005
  • Flicker Tale Children's Book Award; North Dakota Library 2004
  • Florida Reading Association Children's Book Award, 2004
  • Show Me Readers Award; Missouri
  • Volunteer State Book Award; Tennessee
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • IRA-CBC Children's Choice
  • Book Sense 76 List

Want to learn more about the how Coleen was inspired to write Epossumondas? Click here for an article appearing in Book Links, January 2010 issue, written by an old friend of Coleen's Terrence Young.

The following pictures show Ms. Salley doing a storytelling
in New Hampshire in 1989.

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