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Dear Mrs. Salley,
WOW! I could say a lot of things that are fun about you: you have good books, you read the books well, and a lot more things!
Thank you for coming
(2nd grader, Duniway Elementary, Portland, OR, February 2003)

"I have used Epossumondas in a collaborative unit studying folk characters with a 3rd grade teacher. We did a character analysis of Epossumondas, Juan Bobo, Anansi the Spider, etc, and studied the cultures out of which those characters originated. Then we invented a class folk character and students wrote individual folk tales using the class character. Our assessment involved the writing rubric used in class and a rubric we created based on the folk character the class created. It took about three weeks of daily language arts time"
Peter Caggia, MLS, NBCT
Library Media Coordinator, Raleigh NC

"I had the pleasure to meet Ms Salley and chat with her for a while at the Reading by the Bayou conference in Panama City, FL . I wanted to express my appreciation for her book To market, To Market. I work with children with autism and related disorders. I use her book often. There are so many parts of language that I can teach from the book. It helps me assess and to teach many different skills. I love the story and it is so much fun to read. The children love it and ask for it often. That book has made a difference in my children's lives. Not only do we enjoy the story, but they have learned many aspects of communication and ways to use their language more functionally. They learn to scan, identify and label objects with the wonderful pictures. She truly has touched our lives. Thank you"
Elaine Johnson, FL

Great...Amazing...Great Salley storytelling...Collen Salley was wonderful, what a fun, exciting woman...[She] is amazing, I learned a lot about storytelling... [Coleen] is SUCH a great storyteller...I'm really glad you brought Coleen Salley this year: great speaker!... Coleen Salley added a wonderful dimension to the conference this year... Funny, inspiring, motivating... I love Coleen Salley!"
Attendees to the Butler Conference, IN January 2004

"She loved books and children."

The following are pictures that students from Stevenson Elementary, Bellevue, WA, made for Coleen Salley during her visit in February 2003. The students were researching artists and their artwork, and just couldn't resist drawing Coleen's portrait in the style of the artist they were studying.

Coleen Salley inspired by Cezanne (Daisy)

Coleen Salley by Mira S. inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci

Coleen Salley inspired by Picasso (Yaroslav)

"inspired" by Coleen Salley, "inspired" by Warhol

Coleen Salley inspired by Keith Haring (Burke)
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